Puberty Turns Girls Into Boys: Is This Nature’s Own Body Mod?

Let’s face it; puberty is an awkward and confusing time for adolescents. In what can seem like overnight, changes to the body start happening spontaneously. Body hair starts growing all over the place, acne pops up everywhere, and let’s not forget about the cruel stench of body odor. 

Will the First Human Head Transplant Be Performed by 2017?

The ultimate body modification may be on the horizon: head transplants.

Imagine a future where your own body was disposable, where people transplant their heads onto entirely new bodies when their own begin to fail. Is it possible?

The Ultimate Hourglass, Time is Not Returnable and Ribs Don’t Grow Back

A female with an hourglass or defined waistline has been a long sought after classic body ideal --regardless of a woman’s weight or body type.

Half Man, Half Machine: Real Cyborgs You Didn’t Know Existed

The Medical Bag’s body modification series has explored everything from permanent makeup to lip and eyelid sewing, but this edition has more of a technological twist.

If 2 Heads Are Better Than 1…Are 3 Nipples Better Than 2?

“Triple nipples” is yet another way to innovate the human body. And a third nipple doesn’t necessarily have to be grafted onto your chest. It can go anywhere: the elbow, the knee, the foot; whatever turns you on.

You Can See Right Through Some People

The professional name for it is “clear lens face piercing.” Put simply, it’s a hole in your face: a hole in your face that’s then sealed with a clear plug so people can see inside your mouth without you ever having to open it.

It May Have Made Perfect Sense in Medieval Times

Body piercing in the Western world has evolved considerably in recent decades.

Stiletto-Obsessed Women Cut off Their Pinky Toes for More Comfortable Fit

Like to wear high heels but don’t like the foot pain they can cause?

Just cut off your pinky toe. That’s what some women are doing in order to wear high heels for long periods of time, without the accompanying discomfort. In fact, pinky amputation for that purpose is becoming so popular that it has been given a name: “stiletto surgery.”

Cat People

The history of body modification goes back to ancient times, of course, and isn’t just a product of today’s medical/surgical advancements. Felines have been a major inspiration, as seen in a variety of attempts to look like cats, tigers, and similar animals. Perhaps the appeal is the animal magnetism? The wearing of animal skin capes and headdresses by African tribes is one example. Other indigenous cultures have used facial and body tattooing and modification of anatomical features to achieve their own unique sense of beauty, such as Burmese neck lengthening or African lip plates and ritual body modifications, to help them identify as belonging to a particular cultural, ethnic, or tribal group.

Permanent Makeup: Apply It Once, Then Fuhgetaboutit…for the Rest of Your Life!

Tired of filling in your sparse eyebrows every day? Is your eyeliner not dramatic enough? Do you need to add definition to your lips? Are you sick of having to put on a fresh coat of lipstick throughout the day, every time it smudges?